NOTO Design Studio

About us

We are a new team on the capital market. We met as early as during the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and it quickly turned out that we are linked by similar vision of design thinking and the ability to listen to others. We create a good climate for working and creating new ideas. We can design a product, graphics, a service. We can pride ourselves on having designed pieces of furniture, gadgets, applied graphics, research tools and event arrangements, and the list is getting longer…

Designing Process

We know that each project is different and we have an individual approach towards each one. Our experiences and the knowledge of designing process have taught us that the work can’t be skipped at any stage. If we are to play in one team with our Client and with one another, we must speak one language. Hence, based on our knowledge and our experience we have worked out our own methodology which we are combining with our intuition. Just these factors combined together allow us for outlining the best direction for product creation.



Agata Hoffa    
+ 48 511 754 159

Radosław Rejsel
+ 48 793 723 626

Joanna Żaboklicka
+ 48 517 825 685